Sun Business Valuations, LLC, the Definitive Resource for the Valuation of Privately Held Companies.

Sun is the go-to source for a clear picture of market valuation. From shareholder buyouts and litigation support, to simple planning and analysis, our business valuation firm provides Attorneys, CPAs, Investment Advisors, Consultants, and Business Owners with the essentials for critical decision making.

Our company has reviewed and prepared valuation reports for industries and markets including wholesalers, service companies, retail companies, and manufacturers.

As a member of the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA), Sun Business Valuations ensures that all reports conform to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60.

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What Can Sun Business Valuations Do For You?

Expert Business Valuations FirmExpertise. Our experts have performed business analysis and business appraisals for privately held companies in a wide array of industries such as: business services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, construction and financial services. Sun's business valuations are prepared for a wide variety of purposes including: estate planning, business sales or mergers, gifting, partner buy-outs, divorce settlements and financing.

Accreditation. Sun Business Valuations is a long-time member of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and NACVA. Sun's valuations have been reviewed and accepted by many highly respected accounting firms; stand up to legal scrutiny; and, when appropriate, conform to IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60. In addition to providing business valuations, Sun offers related litigation support and expert witness services.

Extensive Knowledge. Our business valuation firm is affiliated with Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC, a boutique investment bank that specializes in the sale and merger of privately held small and mid-market companies. This business sale and acquisition experience provides Sun's business valuation division with added credibility and unique insight into current market conditions and transactional "market value."


I had a silent partner that we needed to buy-out. We had been banging heads for months as my former partner was insisting on an outlandish value. Sun’s ability to prepare an understandable valuation using a wide variety of approaches was the key to getting our buyout resolved.

Dan Sormani, Lifelong Friendship Society

We work with many of our clients in developing Stock Incentive Programs to help retain key management. Sun has conducted many valuations for my clients for this purpose over the past 3 years and in all cases our clients were very appreciative with their work.

Kurt Olender, OlenderFeldman LLP

I was impressed from the start with my initial conversations with Sun's team. They explained the process to me in detail, clearly conveyed what information I would need to provide, and made themselves available to fit into my hectic schedule. Sun's careful and detailed analysis assisted in moving forward with my business' evolving structure.

Joseph Scialo, Scialo Reimann & Associates, CPA

We have used Sun's services for a half dozen shareholder disputes that our clients have been involved in. Sun's ability to document the fair market value of a firm and provide detailed back-up supporting their findings has been invaluable in settling these disputes.

Richard Lambert, Dunn Lambert LLC

I was impressed with the knowledge Sun had about my industry. They knew what questions to ask to address key elements that drive value within the firm. They reviewed the report in detail with us so that we understood every aspect of the methods utilized. Sun provided an invaluable service to us and I would gladly recommend them to other business owners in need of a valuation.

Bob Shickler, Brunswick Automotive Associates

I have used many valuation firms and have never found a company that provides the custom service level of Sun. While many firms create boiler plate templates, Sun composes detailed and individually tailored reports that truly capture the valuation purpose at hand. I will continue to use Sun for valuation needs.

Robert Martini, Martini Law, LLC

We used Sun to determine the valuation of our firm to attach to our certificate of value in our partnership agreements. We had Sun present the report to our entire management team to get us all on the same page and agreed to have Sun update the valuation for us on an annual basis.

Robert Hogg, Managing Director, Ancero, LLC

I know my clients are in good hands with Sun. They always work directly with management and certified valuation professionals. Sun's certified valuation team walk each client through a detailed questionnaire and take the time to review company financials in depth.

Dan Swick, Herrick Feinstein

Sun has prepared numerous valuations for my clients. When I entrust Sun with my client’s needs, they make a detailed process seamless and inform every one of the step by step process business valuations require. My clients have always been at ease when working with Sun and I highly recommend their work.

Charles Damian, Esq.

Sun makes sure to put the needs of their clients as a top priority. All engagements begin by understanding each client's specific valuation need, keeping special circumstances in mind, and always providing a detailed and thorough report in a timely fashion. I would recommend Sun's services without reservation.

Donald Burnaford, Creative Financial Group of NJ

We hired Sun to determine the fair market value of our stock. Sun took us through a detailed questionnaire to fully understand all aspects of our operations and uncover the intangible risk factors and value drivers. The valuation served as a good check point for our management team to understand the health of our business and plan for growth.

Chris Connell, Hudson Heating Wholesaler Inc.

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