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About the Company

Sun Business Valuations has been an industry leader through providing customized, certified, affordable business appraisals tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients. Meet Stephen Goldberg, the founder and managing partner of Sun Business Valuations.

Reasons to Value a Business

Business Sales

When one is considering selling a business, a business valuation enables you to better understand the realistic value of your company

Partnership Matters

Shareholder buyouts are common in closely held businesses for a number of reasons retirement, death, divorce

Estate & Gift tax

A major portion of Sun Business Valuation’s practice involves preparing valuations for estate and gift tax purposes


Many companies with two or more owners enter into legally binding buy-sell agreements


Sun Business Valuations is frequently engaged to provide support in family law and divorce disputes

Corporate Litigation

When involved with corporate litigation, it is prudent for the shareholders and counsel to engage the services

SBA Loans

When looking to borrow, or bring in an investor, a good valuation is necessary

Other Reasons?

There are many other reasons to obtain a business appraisal.
Please contact us to discuss.

Ready To Discuss Your Business Valuation Needs?

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