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Working With CPA Firms

Benefits for CPA Firms

Many CPA firms do not do business valuations internally and look for qualified third party firms to provide expert valuation services for their clients. Sun Business Valuations has established long term relationships with CPA firms across the county to assist in meeting the valuations needs of their clients.


Sun Business Valuations has been valuing companies for over 15 years in a wide range of industries.  This enables Sun to quickly identify the risk profile of a business, understand the financial dynamics, and provide an accurate business valuation.  The following are some of the common reasons CPA’s and their clients come to us for business valuations:

  • Gifting and Estate
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Succession planning consideration
  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Shareholder buy-outs and buy-ins


We realize timing is important and our rapid turn-around often helps meet tight deadlines for your clients.

No Charge Consultation

Sun Business Valuations offers a no charge consultation to obtain a thorough understanding of your clients’ needs. We will then be able to discuss our suggested approach, process, time-frames and associated cost.

Ready To Discuss Your Business Valuation Needs?

If you are considering selling your company and would like to learn more about our sell side advisory company, Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, please visit our website. 

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