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Business Appraisals for Corporate Litigation

Business Appraisals for Corporate Litigation


The need for business appraisal arises in a variety of types of litigation from domestic relations to minority shareholder suits, from disputes over the sale of a business to taxation and estate litigation. In all such cases, the basic issue is the same—how much is the business or an ownership interest in it worth?

When involved with corporate litigation, it is prudent for the shareholders and counsel to engage the services of an experienced and accredited business valuation firm.  A professionally prepared business valuation with well documented and supportable valuation methods will add to the credibility of your case.  Furthermore, the Sun professionals have experience testifying as an expert witness when it is required.


Sun Business Valuations has extensive experience in performing valuations for various corporate litigation purposes. This role is carried out either as an expert for one of the parties or working together with multiple shareholders in an effort to achieve amicable resolution. Sun Business Valuations is a professional certified business valuation firm that will provide an accredited third-party business valuation that is geared toward achieving an equitable settlement.

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