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Working with Private Wealth Managers

Benefits for Private Wealth Managers

Sun Business Valuations works with many Private Wealth Managers and their clients on preparing valuations for a number of different situations including:  

Gifting / Estate Planning
Succession planning
Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions
Divorce / Matrimonial Settlement
Shareholder Buy-out, Shareholder buy-in
Stock Options – employee stock incentive plans
Buy/Sell Agreements
Business valuations of privately held businesses interests are essential for estate planning, gifting, estate settlement and IRS reporting of estate or gift transactions.  It is imperative to have a professional accredited third party business valuation filed along with an Estate and Gift Tax return.

A comprehensive, well-supported business valuation is crucial when gifting interests in a company or upon the death of a shareholder for tax compliance purposes.  Sun Business Valuations utilizes commonly accepted valuation methodologies that will stand up in the event of a future challenge.  Our certified valuation reports adhere to valuation standards to meet the valuation guidelines established under Revenue Ruling 59-60 for gift and estate tax purposes.

No Charge Consultation

Sun Business Valuations offers a no charge consultation to obtain a thorough understanding of your clients’ needs. We will then be able to discuss our suggested approach, process, time-frames and associated cost.

Ready To Discuss Your Business Valuation Needs?

If you are considering selling your company and would like to learn more about our sell side advisory company, Sun Mergers & Acquisitions, please visit our website. 

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